Wednesday, December 28, 2005

NOW ACCEPTING NOMINATIONS (Because the Wizbang Awards Suck, and Are Probably Rigged)

2005 ends this week. One of the great traditions that always appears when a year bids us adieu, are the ubiquitous Best of the Year polls (one of which will appear here later today) and lists.

Because the Flavor Aid Report is the MOB's leader for meaningless polls, we now hereby open the nomination process for MOBster of the Year. We are soliciting your picks as to who was the most outstanding MOB blogger for 2005. The definition of "outstanding" is totally up to you.

Two simple rules:

1. You may not nominate yourself.

1a. If you are part of a group blog, you may not nominate a cohort.

2. Leave the name and link to your nominee in comments to this post along with an essay not exceeding 7 words as to why you think your nominee is worthy of this nonprestigious totally made up title.

An official poll will appear when enough candidates are garnered.

Also, stay tuned for a different year end poll.

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