Friday, December 09, 2005

Petition This

Alert reader Nancy from ProtestWarrior gets some intel on MoveOn's latest camera-whoring publicity stunt grassroots activism:

Dear MoveOn member,

WHAT???? A Protest Warrior is a MoveOn member???? Attention PW: you have a traitor in your midst!!!!!

What's that? They'll send those e-mails to anyone who signs up, you say?

Damn. I thought I had a story there.

Next Wednesday, MoveOn members in your area will be delivering petitions to a congressional office in your community. [Because it's not like they have to go to work or anything. -ed.] The petition is signed by hundreds of thousands of people nationwide. The petition calls on Congress to insist "that America have an exit strategy from Iraq. We need a timeline that starts now and gets us out of Iraq in 2006."

Hundreds of thousands! Nationwide! [Pulls out the calculator]. Mmm-kay. Let's be generous and give 'em 900,000 signatures; divide by the estimated population 300,000,000; ignore the fact that many of them will sign these petitions multiple times (like they vote); ignore the fact that many of the "signers" will be infants, dead people and non-citizens; and the result is...


Don't believe me?

The plan is to gather outside the congressional office and then go inside and present the petition and list of signers to the staff. The local media will be invited and often report on events like this.

Want to know where you can go and heckle these boobs? Go here and type in your zip code, and laugh at their spelling of the word "constituents".

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