Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Poll: Lileks Is Balaban

As if the outcome was ever in doubt. 41% of poll respondents sided with me on the Great Lileks Lookalike Controversy of '05. That response edged out "Who is Lileks?" which came in with 33%.

Only 14% of pollees have taken multiple pucks to the head.

One observation: it's interesting to note how there are far far fewer votes registered in these polls when the MAWB Squad has no stake in the results.


Since we're on the subject of polls, I direct you to Bogus Gold, where Doug commences the annual year-end self-congratulating awards season with a poll for an award named after Jim Boyd.


Our very own Dementee is in the running so go vote for him before he does something you will regret.

Finally, I installed a new poll on the sidebar. Let's put our heads together and determine the most puzzling mystery of the year: just what the hell Mitch Berg had going on last Thursday night.

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