Sunday, December 04, 2005

Stupid acronym group planning super awesome protest for some mean guy who will be here Friday

Calling all kids! We like hafta be out of skool next friday bekuz the prime ministar of amerika is gonna be here and he drops boms on inosent womyn and kids and stuff. Pleeze tell all the skools to cloze so we can go or just go bekuz it is cool to do stuff like this and he is a idiot. Irak is not responsibal for that thing that happend to disny land where they knoked down the eifle towers and Sadam Hoosane is being wrongly akkused.

We so totally hafta go to the thing friday and make sure minesota is seen as a cool place bekuz we hate Chainey and Bush, and you can make a poster to if you want to! Pleeze send this emails to your other cool frends and ask them do they want to go to bekuz we need alot of kids to show them we hate them alot and are mad at them. I am going to get a extra body piercing on somwhere that is not peirced yet just to be even cooler when I go on friday so you can to!

If we can stop the wars in Irak and ganastan we would make al the kids in france happy bekuz we all like to do drugs like them to and they can come to if they want to. I will be skiping the englesh clas I have but its allrite bekuz my teecher said if I hate bush I get a A plus any ways. I am rank sekent in my class!

Remember to tell all your frends and maybe some other people to so we get alot of people out ther. We will go to a cofee shop after and then a party to after that place. YAWR stands for yooth against the rasists and war and we arnt going to tak any more of the recrooters coming to are skools and trying to make us kill inosent sivilyans for evel oil cumpanys! Go YARW!!! see you friday!!

PS I think Tim Plenty will be ther to, so pleez show up. Plenty is the mayer of minesota so we can yell at him about stop the war bekuz he is a Bush crony, that means a frend and he is also responsibel for war and hes a republikan. Plenty is the woorst mayer minesota ever had so pleeze we need you to shout at him loudly when you skip skool friday.

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