Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Very Long Poll

The "Top MOB Story for 2005" is up on the sidebar. One vote per day per computer. I'm not worried about cheating as the MAWB Squad has no dog in this fight.

I will post links to the backstories of each answer choice in this space as time permits.


Bogus Doug's martini adventure (no link currently available as Doug's super-reliable paid hosting service is down.)

Sisyphus reaps windfall from purchase of Halliburton stock

Dumb leftyblogger Moses (Charlton Heston?) actually believes that Sisyphus reaped windfall from purchase of Halliburton stock

Brian "St. Paul" Ward contemplates standing in a long line for a free burrito.

Topsy turvey MOB mayoral election results in a dark horse winner and the liberation of Kevin Ecker

Ryan Rhodes' "ginormous" poop

Governor snubs funny bloggers

James Lileks discovered to be moonlighting as Bob Balaban

Don't forget to submit your candidates for MOBster of the year.

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