Friday, December 02, 2005

The Week in Review - In Haiku

Turkey makes Foot fart.
Great big giant juicy farts.
Smell like Moron Mail.

Sisyphus' thread
Was funny. Chad the Elder's?
Eh, it was OK.

Apple Valleyans
Will take it up the butt when
They pay their escrows.

-Still not enough cash
For schools. -How much do you want?
-Reply: all of it.

Wingnuts prevent chick
With no income from cosigning
Loan for jobless child.

Protesters abound!
Skipping classes to hate Bush.
Age matches IQ.

Jerks erase archives.
Photoshop contest! "Sorry!"
No photoshop contest. Contest is cancelled.

So many Evas
Populate her open thread.
Cut and paste away!

Foot used Latin words.
That must mean he's really smart,
Or very boring.

I challenge the Sponge
To a slam dunk contest
on an eight-foot rim.

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