Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Blogster Survey

Since MSP Magazine somehow forgot to include bloggers in their Hipster Survey, I thought that I could do my part to fill the void. I request that all bloggers fill out the following survey (modified from the original for this audience, so that the majority of the answers won't be "huh?" or "what? are you gay or something?") to better educate others about what exactly makes a blogster tick.

UPDATED: I added another question.

Other than the Kool Aid Report, what is your fave blog?

What is the best thing you can say about Willie Clark?

Where do you breakfast?

Where do you dinner?

Where do you afternoon snack?

Other than LearnedFoot, who is the hottest male blogger?

Other than Uncle Ben, who is the hottest female blogger?

Wi-fi, cable modem or dialup?

Mitch Berg or JB Doubtless?

Why are you so damn ugly?

Where do you beer?

Arsenal or Everton?

Where do you news?

Why don't you work out? (You really need to.)

What's an arts organization that you've never heard of?

Dude, do you, like, totally party?

Where is your favorite place to stand in line for a free burrito?

Hear me now - whenever I see someone inventing a new meme, it makes me want to X that person in the Y.

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