Friday, January 06, 2006

Blois On KSTP

MDE's newest buddy is on KSTP right now. For Nathan Bissonette's edification: his name is pronounced like "Royce".

I don't know who is Ron and who is Mark, so I'll just use "Q" for "question". Everything paraphrased closely.

Q: Why did you file this lawsuit?

BLOIS: To open a dialogue.

Q: How have you been damaged?

BLOIS: We'll that's something we're going to have to find out.

LF ADDS: Ahh so that's why we have a judicial system - to open a "dialogue" and figure out whether or not you were harmed. Sue first, ask questions later.

I can't believe this guy found a lawyer to take this case.

CALLER: Thanks, Blois, for giving MDE all this publicity.

LF ADDS: And looking at my site meter, I thank him as well.

CALLER: Who gives a rat's ass?! This is stupid crap.

MDE coming up next. I'll stop here since he'll probably write about it himself.

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