Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bob Moffitt Caught Violating KAR's Fascist Ban

Yesterday, Bob "the Devil's Dickweed" Moffitt was caught emiting his noxious fumes on KAR yesterday (KAR has a blog-wide fascist ban which has been in place ever since we became aware of Bob):

Too late, Foot, too late! Mark Wernimont and other pro-smoke bloggers of his ilk are already speading this all article all over the blogosphere.

You're right, this kind of garbage does make it easier for our side.

Not that we need the help...

Bob Moffitt.

There's nothing more dangerous than an idiot with a cause. Did it ever occur to you that you tend to sound like a prick when you write comments like this, Bob?

Anyway, it used to be that I would simply mangle Bob's comments whenever he violated our fascist ban. Apparently that doesn't work. While the most effective way to handle pro-fascism commenters would be a blogosphere-wide ban, we don't see that as a realistic option.

So instead, we are fining Bob $250 per comment. I know it sounds like a steep fine, Bob, but our readers deserve to be protected from the fumes of liberty-eroding fascist nanny-statists like yourself. Got bills to pay and kids to feed? Too f-ing bad. This is for the greater good - economic consequences be damned. Your kids are just going to have to starve, Bob.

Perhaps we can arrange to meet in one of those now smoke-free bars which I'm sure you will now frequent ("I'll have a small salad, a glass of water and the check please") so that you can pay me your fine. Better hurry though, since I have a feeling our list of options of where to meet will be dwindling fast.

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