Monday, January 23, 2006

Burned out Star Jones

Amazing, isn’t it, how stupid some people can be without knowing it. By now we’ve all heard about OBL’s latest tape and the reaction surrounding it. I even posted about it and how I thought the usual suspects would react. What I didn’t expect was this stream of idiocy from Star Jones as spewed on The View:

"You know what? At some point, one of these men has to put it back in his pants and zip up the zipper,"

I won’t say Star Jones is an ignoramus, she proves it by opening her mouth. What level of moron has one reached when they can distill the war against murdering Islamofascist dirtball pigs to a fight between two men trying to prove which has the bigger penis?

How can is it that this woman still has a job today. I don’t give a damn what she said, but I’m producing that show I sure as hell care about the credibility of the hosts and the program and as long as she is on the air making brainless statements like this neither has any credibility.

"I won't trust him, but anything that gives me the opportunity to seek peace, I would at least check it out.

Star, darling, where is the opportunity for peace when you’re dealing with someone who can’t be trusted. The only way to achieve the peace is to destroy that the evil bastarde and every one of their murdering followers,

"You don't negotiate," Jones interrupted, "but I do think you figure out when there is a solution that's diplomatic that doesn't result in [loss of] human life.

This woman was a Brooklyn prosecutor? I would love to see her conviction record. Hey, shit-for-brains, how can you seek a diplomatic solution while refusing to negotiate? Diplomacy and negotiation are the same thing you FREAKING IDIOT. What piece of crap law school did you go to? Did you get your diploma from one of those online schools that promise no tests? How much did it cost you - $59.99.

"What do we have to lose to check it out?" Star said.

I know the answer to this one: Thousands of innocent lives around the world. That’s what we have to lose. Were you not paying attention to the news in September of 2001?

"You know what?" she then added, "At some point, one of these men has to put it back in his pants and zip up the zipper at some point."

I known I put this at the top of the list, but it’s too damned good to use only once.

Star Jones is a walking, talking contradiction: Don’t trust OBL, but it is an opportunity for peace. Don’t negotiate, but find a diplomatic solution.

How great is America that you can utter such moronic statements on TV and get paid obscene amount of money to do it?

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