Saturday, January 21, 2006

Burning Down the Blog House

I think the consensus of most bloggers ("most bloggers" being defined as me, Mitch Berg and Clever Sponge) think the Strib's newish Saturday blog feature "The Blog House" sucks. And after reading today's and last week's installment, I think the only debatable issue about BH's author Tim O'Brien's political leanings is how often he strays from the Democrat reservation to vote Green.

Anyhow, since the BH is destined for oblivion (it cleared the shark a week or so ago when O'Brien condescendingly tried to tell us what a blog "should be," and got it wrong by answering something other than "an application wherein you can write stuff and then have it posted on the internet"), I'll pick up the slack with my whirlwind blogosphere week in review. I promise mine will be better. I shall call it "Blog Mart".

the blog mart learnedfoot

Bloggers write on a variety of topics

Debate Rages on Wiretapping

Discussion about domestic surveillance rebriskified (it's my Blog Mart, I can make up words if I want) this week fueled by the results of a new opinion poll that reported some 60% of the American people thought Bush should be impeached if his warrantless wiretapping program broke any laws. Bloggers on the left reiterated their position that this practice was worse than suspending habeas corpus, Japanese internment and flying airplanes into tall buildings combined. Bloggers on the right dismissed such hyperbole, sticking to their position that tapping was preferable to canned or bottled wires.

In a weird coincidence, a recently released poll by the Kool Aid Report blog (1) showed that the same percentage of Americans would support throwing George Soros in jail if raping goats is against the law.

Al Gore opens piehole. Again.

Of the seven bloggers who noticed, the left-leaning ones predictably hailed the speech as a call to arms while the right-leaning blogs dismissed Gore's diatribe as the ramblings of a sore loser. However, both sides did agree that the former vice president remains a "massive tool."

Bloggers travel places.

A new cheap web thing caused much discussion about the states bloggers have visited. Doug Williams of Bogus Gold blog (2) is a light traveler, having only visited some 14 states. However, Muzzy of Blogizdat blog (3), has been to all but nine states.

Jacking off to Abramoff.

Lefty blogs continued demonstrating their lack of familiarity with the English language when writing about the Jack Abramoff imbroglio, calling it a GOP scandal. They dismissed righty blogs that pointed out that the disgraced lobbyist funneled all kinds of donations from his clients to Democrat politicians, saying "Oh yeah? Well, all of Abramoff's personal donations went to Republicans. So there. Nyah nyah nyah nyah!" The Learned Foot of Kool Aid Report blog (4) helpfully offered that maybe the lefties ought to look up the word "lobbyist" in the dictionary, so that they can educate themselves as to the purpose of that occupation, and see that the taint carried by donations transmitted through Abramoff is just as bad as the taint on donations from the man himself. The Learned Foot blogger also suggested that while they had the dictionary open, they may want to review the definitions of "lie" and "torture".

Osama opens piehole. Again.

The Nihilist in Golf Pants blog (5) proposed the top 11 highlights of the terrorist mastermind's new audio tape. One of those highlights, wrote blogger Sisyphus, was "Is 'troubled’ by the Alito nomination." However, the money quote of the post came in the comment thread, where the LearnedFoot from the Kool Aid Report blog (6) proposed an item that was omitted from the original list: "12. Comes out in favor of Caliphite-wide smoking ban."


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Absolute Zero.

Despite a local blog trotting out that super-gay song Afternoon Delight once again, a loss at Short Bus Trivia and the failure of it's use to garner even one comment or link, portend doom for a once promissing weapon. Looks like the blog that once won acclaim for being the first to successfully harness the awesome destructive power of the Starland Vocal Band will have to go back to the drawing board. "My motto's always been: 'when it's right, it's right,'" indeed.

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