Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Considering the Source

Just a totally random thought that just leapt into my head unprovoked:

Anybody who routinely writes crap like:

No one's more chickenshit than a bunch of chickenhawks who have been proven wrong on Iraq for three fucking years now...

and has weekly, sometimes daily, posts which feature little more than some version or other of:

Assrocket is a lying motherfucker

while "proving" his, er, assertion with a link to another tinfoil hat-wearing leftyblog (who in turn "proves" his assertion with a link to another tinfoil hat wearing leftyblog, ad nauseum), really hasn't positioned himself well enough to cast aspersions at the "critical thinking" skills of others.

Someone who runs his mouth like that might get bitch slapped by Swiftee. Hypothetically.

Completely random. Really.

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