Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Duluth Haikus

In yet another attempt by a city council to flush taxpayer money down one superfluous toilet or other, Duluth's decided to pony up two grand for an official city poet laureate. Longtime readers know that I am a master of the ancient Japanese poetry haiku. I think that my poetic chops will more than make up for my total lack of Duluth residency. Here are a few freebies to help convince the Lake Superior Writers organization that I am the man on whom they ought to waste the city's money.

Duluth is neat-o.
There's a super-cool bridge, and
Other groovy stuff.

It's really cold here.
Really really really cold.
Really fucking cold.

Duluth has it all.
Do you need some taconite?
Hibbing is nearby.

How much road salt could
Two thousand dollars purchase?
Poets more vital.


Reader Erik tells
Us that poet will not be
Paid with tax money.

Private foundations
Will be wasting their own cash
On jobless hippie.

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