Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ex Cathedra

I know that there are some who hesitate reading some of Dementee's longer posts. I can understand how it may be hard for some to wade through the highly concentrated bile and the often Andy Aplikowski-like syntax.

But Dementee's keen eye hits on something here. It serves as a window into the capricious black souls of those public servants who not only wish to convince others that they know better, but have already convinced themselves:

[Dementee:] Next on [our] list of fascists is the mayor himself:

[Quote:] "The mayor believes that the vast majority of St. Paul residents support the smoking ban, though he certainly respects the right of bar owners to move forward with a referendum," said Coleman's spokesman, Bob Hume. "In 10 years, we will look back and wonder why we ever allowed smoking in bars and restaurants, just as we do today with office buildings and hospitals."

[Dementee:] Notice the wording, “…why we ever allowed…”,

I don't know which will be sadder to watch: St. Paul sinking into oblivion under the leadership of these arrogant jerkballs, or that the city's descent into a swamp of mediocrity (or worse) will fail to drag the arrogant jerkballs down with it.

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