Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy 2006 to a festering boil

I’m not going to bother linking to the following Star & Sickle bilge-filled letter from January 1, but I did reprint it in its entirety:

Letter of the day: Bush is more a Harding than a Roosevelt

According to the White House, President Bush is doing some reading. "When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt After the White House" is one of the titles on his reading list.

One has to wonder: Does Bush sees
[sic] himself as a modern day T.R.?

I cannot imagine a president more diametrically opposed to T.R. than G.W.B. T.R. was a conservationist and a social reformer, G.W.B. has never met a tree he didn't want to cut down or a social program he didn't wish to cut.

Both presidents were rather hawkish -- however, T.R. actually served in combat and sent four of his own sons off to war.

George W. Bush, you, sir, are no Teddy Roosevelt. Might I suggest a book on Warren G. Harding?


It’s nice to know Dave’s New Year resolution to be a condescending prick is alive and well, but I fear he missed golden opportunity to really zing G.W.B.

Most Leftwing condescending pricks like Dave Wren of Mound would have feigned surprise that W. can read at all or perhaps would have said the First Lady has to read to him.

Dave should run out and buy “The Idiots Guide to Being a Complete Leftwing Jackass.” I think he’ll find the subject of condescending prick in chapter 10.

Perhaps his wife will read it to him.

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