Friday, January 27, 2006

I agree with a Star & Sickle letter

Stop the presses. I actually agree with this.

Race should play no role in who runs the schools in Minneapolis, or anywhere.

Remind me why David Jennings was run out of town. That’s right, because leaders in the African-American Community didn’t want a white guy taking over.

These are the same frauds who tripped all over themselves to kiss the feet of Thandiwe Peebles (who just resigned because she is a bigger fraud the so-called leaders).

Anyone who knows anything knows the trifecta of having a superintendent who is a black woman with an African name means great things for the schools.

Of course, she didn’t have the proper credentials. Her education was not what it needed to be and she turned out to be an academic cheat.

That worked out pretty well.

Remind me, again, why David Jennings was run out of town: A man with an impeccable reputation and years of public service under his belt, a man who helped turn the “business” of the Minneapolis schools around.

That’s right, because the black frauds in Minneapolis didn’t like the color of his skin.

I guess we know who the racist pigs are.

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