Wednesday, January 25, 2006

If Bob is a turd, what is Kathy Lantry?

I read the article Learnedfoot referenced in his earlier post and agree that Bob is a lying turd.

What wasn’t addressed in the post is a nickname for Kathy Lantry, St. Paul City Council president. Her quote from that same story reveals her complete disinterest in the free market and her belief in the absolute authority of government to do what it will:

“Sometimes there are negative economic impacts and smaller businesses won’t make it, but those conditions could occur even if there isn’t a smoking ban,” she said.

Kathy you are an ignorant, arrogant piece-of-crap moron.

If the economy turns sour and businesses close, or if someone mismanages their business and is forced to shut their doors that is a natural part the free market.

If you can’t see the difference between that and the force of government regulations driving bars and restaurants out of business, then you shouldn’t be allowed to sit on the council, let alone be its president.

How big an idiot must you be to put your decision to screw with peoples lives on the same level as an economic downturn or their own incompetence to operate a profitable business.

You and your f$#&ing comrades on the totalitarian left are a danger to the rights of each and every citizen – whether they see it or not – and you should be drummed out of office at the earliest opportunity.

You make me sick with your condescending bullshit; you and your sycophantic toadies who want the government to protect them from their own shadows and wipe their asses when they load their pants after reading the latest regurgitated monkey spleen-loaded report from the American Lung Association.

It is my hope that each and every one of you go start raving mad from living in hermetically sealed biohazard suits and that you all die from hyper-anxiety brought on by an intense fear leaving your house.

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