Thursday, January 12, 2006

Make 'em an offer they can't refuse

The totalitarians on who run St. Paul with an iron fist sure know how to treat their constituents. Like an abusive husband, they beat you to the ground and offer to help you up, only to beat you back down again.

How do people like Coleman, Thune, Benanav, Helgen, and Lantry live with themselves? They must be so damn secure in their superiority that they can’t even see how dangerous they are.

First they ban smoking then this… The city is considering establishing a fund to help small businesses make the transition from smoking to nonsmoking.

Way to go Coleman and comrades. Pass an ordinance that will destroy small businesses and then offer them money to help them stay afloat.

Smells like a protection racket to me.

Maybe we should start calling the mayor (cue the Godfather music) Don Chris Coleman and his band of soldiers can be the new Capo Regime.

Congratulations St. Paul. In one election you destroyed what took 12 years to build.

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