Friday, January 20, 2006

More from the food wars

I love the Junk Science column at Steve Malloy does a great job of laying bare the lies coming from the do-gooders who spend their days wringing their hands over every perceived threat.

Now the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is going after SpongeBob Squarepants. You’ll remember CSPI as the crew that alerted the world to the fact that movie theater popcorn with melted butter is, gasp, high in fat and not good for you.

No shit, Sherlock.

I can’t believe these morons get any coverage at all. Blaming advertising for making kids fat and unhealthy is so damned ridiculous, but they get press with every worthless press release they put out.

Here’s what I do when my kids want to fill up on junk:

“No, you can’t have that sucker.”
“Sorry son, you’ve had enough garbage.”
“If you want a snack, it has to be something that’s good for you.”
“You cannot have a treat because you didn’t eat your dinner.”
“Put the Sugar Smacks back. We’re not buying that crap.”

I know it’s difficult to say “no” to the little angels, but say it we must and say it I do. Sure the bride and I have to put up with whining and crying on occasion, but it’s better than having fat kids with high blood pressure and diabetes.

But not all of us have the spine to say “No.” Here’s what one suing, gutless mother had to say:

“Critics argue it’s up to the parent to ‘just say no.’ Many times this is easier said than done, especially with strong-willed children, which I happen to have. Sometimes compromise is necessary to preserve my sanity… No reasonable parent would reach for SpongeBob pop tarts with fluorescent blue frosting unless they have a child nagging to buy them some.”

Try saying no you stupid bitch. Give the little brats some boundaries have the backbone to put up with the pissing and moaning. If they don't shut up a had across the butt will do the trick.

Be a goddamned parent for once and instill a little discipline.

Parental licensing advocates have found their poster-mom.

Like the dumb-ass broad in my earlier post, this woman has no desire to raise her kids. She’d rather give into them out of guilt and then sue food companies when her kids end up as single, toothless, fatties living in a trailer park because no one wants anything to do with the ugly freaks.

Go ahead and screw up your kids and set them up to fail. That'll leave stuff more for mine to accumulate when the enter the real world.

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