Friday, January 06, 2006

Piss On It

The French are idiotic, tasteless morons that need to be walled off and left to screw themselves into oblivion.

Want proof? Check out this headline: Artist Accused of Vandalizing Urinal

Oh, but it gets better. Seems the urinal in question is really a “work of art” by some dead Frog named Marcel Duchamp. He called it “Fountain.”

If that ain’t enough for you, the estimated value of the pisser-turned-art is $3.6 million!

$3.6 Million for a pot to piss in and the French think Americans are unsophisticated.

Then, to top it off, the article states adds little ditty: “A 2004 poll of 500 arts figures ranked "Fountain" as the most influential work of modern art..”

Some guy puts a toilet on display and it’s considered the most influential work of modern art.

Am I missing something?

Tell me, can is this piece of crap (no pun intended) be worth more than $15 bucks?

And Now The Twist
Seems the guy who tried to beat Duchamp’s pisser with a hammer is a “performance artist” who was arrested in 1993 when he used it for the purpose of which it was intended.

He peed in it and got busted.

Can you get any more back-ass-wards than that?

Someone tell me why we should listen to anything the French say. Why should we give any credibility to what they think?

It is a civilization that is on it's last leg and I, for one, can't wait to see it kicked out from under them.

Now, I’m off. I gotta go tinkle.

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