Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Speaking of NonMonkey

Nick drools out a followup on the supposed illegal immigration focus group:

The bottom line, for now: We still don't know what outfit paid for a focus group that, when the citizens didn't bring up the subject, was turned into a forum for immigrant-bashing in an apparent effort to raise the level of concern and political utility of a controversial issue now being employed across the country.

Let's flashback and look at the nature of this "forum for immigrant bashing":

I haven't heard anybody talk about immigration," Peoples, an independent, recalls her saying. "Anybody have a problem with the illegal aliens coming in?"

The group's response to the question was "a deafening silence," Peoples says. But the woman pushed harder, listing some of the complaints she said she had heard in other states where she had conducted focus groups. Still, no one obliged her. Instead, Peoples mentioned the immigrant workers in a nearby town, praising them for how hard they seem to work.

Wow. My ears are burning.

In an amazing coincidence, that last column quoted was titled "Demagoguery's focus intends to blur important issues".


Leave it to a NonMonkey to cover a nonstory.

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