Monday, January 30, 2006

Thank You Howard Dean

Howard “The Duck” Dean is showing himself to be the perfect chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Take a gander at this one.

This guy is corrupt, incompetent or completely ineffective. Whichever it is, the Dems are in heap-big trouble. Just 9 months away from the midterm election and the DNC has a mere $5.5 million in the bank to the RNC’s $34 million.

What amazes is that Howard traveled the country to rally the troupes. He visited every state – or was going to – to raise money and build the momentum necessary to reestablish Lefty control of the House and Senate.

Looks like Dr. Dean is being a successful at this as his own Presidential campaign.

True, the election is some time off and that will be the real proof whether Howie knows what the hell he is doing, but you gotta like the GOP’s chances.

I thank God every day that the Left has taken control of the Democrat Party. With Cindy Sheehan contemplating a run for the Senate and Howie going on Fox News Sunday to peddle his “The economy sucks” bilge, the Republicans have very, very little to worry about.

Let these stumblebums have the floor – forever. Before long the Left in this country will end up destroying itself – the last best hope for Socialism on the face of the earth.

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