Thursday, January 19, 2006

This is the end

If you thought the Democrats were in trouble now, just wait few hours.

This offer from OBL will send the moonbat left into a frenzy.

Every out-of-touch peacenik from Cindy Sheehan to Michael Moore and Jimmy Carter will be running for the microphones to claim that the war is over because OBL - the second most dangerous terrorist in the world – has offered a truce.

Of course, their praise of the little towel-headed bastard will be followed by cries for the crucifixion of W because he will tell OBL exactly what he can do with his offer, as he should.

The entire episode will serve only to move the already marginalized Democrat party closer the brink of extinction when John Fing Kerry,Teddy “Pour Me Another” Kennedy and John Murtha lock arms to sing “Allah My Love”.

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