Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Totalitarianism Hits St. Paul

The all Democrat political machine of St. Paul has given property rights a huge blow today. The totalitarian bastards wasted no time in passing a total smoking ban in the Capitol City.

Freedom hating SOBs.

The following persons should be banned from every establishment in St. Paul. I can damn sure guarantee you I would ban them if I owned a business of my own.

Keep these anti-freedom pigs out:

Head Comrade Chris Coleman

Comrade Jay Benanav

Comrade Lee Helgen

Comrade Kathy Lantry

Don’t serve them, don’t look at them, and don’t engage them in conversation. If you do you’re likely to annoy them and be brought up on charges.

One name missing – for unexplained reasons – is that of the slime ball who started it all, Dave Thune.

Comrade Dave Thune

Keep his weasely ass on the street with the rest of them.

I suspect Coleman and his gang of comrades will come banging on the doors and windows of your homes and cars next to ban smoking in your home and in your car. Look for them to also force restaurants to put healthier items on the menus and remove those items the health police deem to be unhealthy.

It’s coming and we all know it. People like this will stop at nothing to mold society into their warped vision of what is right.

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