Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Trouble at the Mighty AM1500

A mighty interesting sound came from my radio at 5:30 this morning. Sitting alongside the new morning guy, Willey Clark, were the Polichicks, Annette Meeks and Cathie Hartnett.

Six days into his new gig in a major market and Willie already has to have two supporting players who, in the end, were really the main event.

Poor Willie is in way over his head and I fear The Talk Station is beginning a long process of trying to find someone to take over the morning drive. The last time this happened was when Bob Yates – whose show was produced by current traffic guy Kenny Olson – was fired. After the departure of Yates, we were treated to the likes of Freddie Mertz and Jesse Ventura.

Willie’s delivery is not unlike that of every host you’ll find at 830. The guy delivers milquetoast drivel for people who mark the “undecided” box on every poll they’ve ever taken. Hard to believe, but he is worse than Kroc.

I’m really trying to give Willie a chance, but I don’t think he has one.

AM1500 may not know it yet, but they are in a world of hurt with their new schedule. Putting Mischke on at 5:30 borders on insanity and pulling Bob Davis from morning drive is just plain stupid.

If management is smart they’ll cut their losses, and the moron who hired Willie, put Davis in Willie’s slot, move Rosenbaum and O’Connell back to 9 – 12 and find someone to fill the noon – 2 slot. They have plenty of “fill-in” hosts who would be happy to occupy that two hours of air until a permanent replacement can be found.

When they’ve solved that little problem they can put Mischke on at a time that makes sense and send Kroc packing.

Any annoyance caused by this posting is purely unintentional.

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