Saturday, February 04, 2006

Are You Ready For the Steelers to Return the Lombardi Trophy to Pittsburgh?

**Bumped for ease of reference, with postscript added 2/4/06**

All you football bettors had a week off, so let's recap The System:

1) Find out which teams the Nihilist in Golf Pants is betting on; and

2) Bet the opposite.

Good news for Steelers fans: the Nihilist took Seattle and the points!

Which means the Steelers will win by at least 4.

Congratulations Pittsburgh! As we speak, Steeler safety Troy Papaoomaumaulo is getting his ring sized.

P.S. Doug notes that I have some serious gridiron smack cred, which is true. However I must note that, as worrisome as it is, I agree with Nihilist that Seattle is the pick for this game. Alas, I am at loggerheads with The System, so it must be distinguished from my own, personal views. I merely discovered The System, and it now has a life of its own. I fear that I will be shown to be all too human in the face of the awsome awfulness of Nihilist's picking ability.

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