Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bitch Bitch Bitch Bitch Bitch Bitch Bitch Bitch

Now some effete coneheads are complaining that Cheney granted hiss interview to Fox News because he wanted softball questions.

Which begs the question: what possible "hardball" question could there be about a fricking hunting accident?

The wheels are turning...

MIKE WALLACE: Thank you for granting 60 Minutes this exclusive interview, Mr Vice President.

DICK CHENEY: You're very welcome. Mike.

MIKE: I have only one question for you.

DICK: Only one? OK. Shoot.

MIKE: ...

DICK: Heh heh. Just a little levity there, Mike.

MIKE: I see. Here's my question: Does your shooting of a friend followed by 18 hours of obfuscation and stonewalling finally prove conclusively that you are the Spawn of Bealzebub, the keeper of the Flame of Damnation, third son of the Prince of Darkness who shall return to earth in the Final Days to feast on little innocent babies' brains?

DICK: Yes -SHIT! - I mean - No! Of course not!

MIKE: Looks like I tripped you up there, sir.

DICK: *erp* -

MIKE: [Turning to camera] So there you have it. The Vice President, by his own admission, is the Dark Lord; The Keeper of the Brimstone Pit of Despair; Heir to the Kingdom of Satan; who took delight in - even joked about - the cold-blooded shooting of a friend .

STOPWATCH: tick tick tick tick tick tick tick

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