Friday, February 10, 2006

Candy Assed Ankle Grabbers

The kowtowing to Muslims is getting out of control. After reading this nonsense, I think I’ll home school my kids through college.

The forum is meant to increase understanding of Muslim culture, said Mike Bruner, vice president of student affairs. "When students come to me who are hurt, it signals to me we're off course somewhere," he said.

Here’s a suggestion, Mike, get yourself a freaking spine. People get hurt in this world and they need to learn to deal with it. The very act of you grabbing your ankles for this lot is an act of surrender.

You ought to take a clue from Karen Murdock, the teacher who put up the display:

"I don't think it's [a college's] job to make people comfortable."

That is what should be coming from the office of student affairs; Not some wussy mea culpa.

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