Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Catch the VD Fever

The Notorious B.I.L. is KAR's resident Valentine's Day (VD) expert. He lives for the holiday. If you look at Bill's talents, you can tell that VD courses through his veins every day of the year. For instance, it's well-known that Bill is an expert gift wrapper and a crack pie decorator. But also, he carries VD with him even when he's at the office, where he is a Sales and Marketing (S&M) guru.

In short, Bill "gets" VD.

Unfortunately, Bill is still busy with his recent move and with his ongoing S&M exploits, so it is left to me to spread the VD joy.

Everyone here at KAR wishes you and your sweeties the best on this day, and hope that VD inflames your passions. Let this VD discharge the icky things from your soul, and make your love contagious.

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