Wednesday, February 08, 2006

$chool Di$trict 196 Extends Its Victimization of Taxpayers Beyond Its Borders

Feel my pain bitches.

Apparently there's a big problem in I$D 196. Some schools are slightly tanner than others, and the folks in St. Paul don't like it:

The Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan school district is sending 1,500 surveys to parents concerning what types of magnet schools would interest them enough to consider sending their children to school a little farther from home.

The reasoning behind the survey is twofold:

First, the state told the district last year that it needed to better integrate two of its elementary schools that have large minority populations, and magnet schools could prompt parents to voluntarily distribute their children without any controversial boundary changes.

Second, parents have long asked the school district to explore elementary magnet schools.

Thankfully, the rest of you taxpaying suckers will share the cost. And, oh, what a cost it is:

Now that the district is receiving $3 million a year from the state to help the integration process, there's more of an opportunity, said Superintendent John Currie.

How many teachers can be hired for $3 million a year? Probably never crossed their minds. Instead, we have to fight this scourge of Jim Crow South-style segregation, described thusly:

Two District 196 elementary schools have minority populations that are at least 20 percent larger than the district average, according to the Minnesota Department of Education. Minorities make up 43 percent of the students at Cedar Park in Apple Valley and 37 percent of the students at Glacier Hills in Eagan. The district average is only 16 percent.

2 elementary schools. Out of 18. CRISIS!

If I recall correctly, I think Cedar Park School is near where Friend of KAR Kevin Ecker resides. I had no idea that the man one astute lefty blogger described as "white" lived in Apple Valley's Harlem.

$3 million per year. For a study. Of a non-problem.

Now I see why they keep telling us our schools are underfunded. They need more money to spend on stupid crap like this.

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