Friday, February 17, 2006

Christmas comes early

I know they’ll spin their way out of this but no matter what they say, the Star & Sickle elites are two-faced, hypocritical, piece-of-shit bastards.

The cartoons are gratuitous they said, and refused to print them. But new photos from an old story surface and…

American public deserves to see them all.

The state department warns that it could inflame violence among the subhuman Islamic hordes that want to destroy western civilization but…

American public deserves to see them all.

In an attempt to be consistent, the dick-faced jackasses at the Star & Sickle didn’t print the photos but you can follow either of the two links they provided to view them ( and because…

American public deserves to see them all.

for those who are too blind to see the hypocrisy here, I'll explain.

We’ve seen enough photos. These are more of the same and showing them would serve no purpose other than to piss of the towel-headed dirt bags. Showing them would be gratuitous.

C’mon you S&S C-suckers, print their freaking, scraggily faced profit with the bomb in his turban. Piss off the radicals in the Twin Cities so we know who they are, draw them out of the holes they live in.

Let them face us in the light of day so we know who wants us dead.

Print all the cartoons that have pissed off these murdering thugs after all…

American public deserves to see them all.

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