Thursday, February 09, 2006

More worthless excuses from the Star & Sickle

The Pointy-Headed, elitist, we-know-better-than-you, editorial board of the Star & Sickle is at it again: covering their asses for taking a pass on printing the cartoons that have the Islamofascists up in arms.

Sure, a free press CAN depict Mohammed any way they want, but that doesn't mean they SHOULD, knowing how deeply Muslims feel about it. [And knowing the Islamo-dirtbags would take the streets, burn buildings and kill people.

The Danish editor who started all this hadn't a clue what he was doing -- perhaps because racism is so widespread and virulent in Europe. [I thought Europe was home of the enlightened and we were the racist pigs.]

The editor was so Eurocentric he didn't know that depicting Mohammed would cause offense. [Or, he knew exactly what he was doing, but unlike you had the balls to take a stand against the murderous hordes.]

Equally ignorant was the decision by other European newspapers to reprint the cartoons in "support" of the Danish newspaper. They weren't supporting a free press, they were supporting a stupid press. [Not only are the elites at the S&S smarter than you and me, they are smarter than every press outlet in the world. At least they’re humble about it.]

A free press can do a lot of things it doesn't do. The Star Tribune, for example, has the right to run any image it wants of Mohammed, but it has long declined to do that because it caused Muslims great discomfort. [And this is the point of the entire controversy. These jerks don’t give a damn about causing “great discomfort”, unless the discomfort is among a backward-ass culture that hasn’t progressed beyond the 12th century. Barbarians need to be placated, the rest of us can be caused “great discomfort” at any time because we won’t burn their presses.]

We can make fun of the Virgin Mary, but we don't. We can run the "N word" and the "C word" and the "F word" and the "MF word" every day if we wanted to, but we don't.
[Blah, blah, blah. Again, this has nothing to do with causing “great discomfort” and everything to do with keeping readers. Not only are the examples these hacks cite preposterous, they would cause readers to leave in droves. Believe me; they would be more than happy to print the cartoons of Mohammed if the only reaction was a loss of readership.]

Let both sides take the Prophet's words to heart, reject harsh radicalism and seek mildness in their relationship. [You can’t seek mildness with people who want to kill you.]

These people are hopeless. They simply cannot grasp the seriousness of the situation and think we are equally responsible for what is happening.

They are either incredibly naïve, or simply insane.

Every time I read one of these spineless editorials or letters to the editor seeking to understand why Muslims kill, I think of Kevin Bacon in Animal House.

During the mayhem at the end of the parade, as people are running to safety, there’s Bacon, hands up, in full uniform yelling, “Stay calm. All is well.”

All is not well and never will be with idiots like this group at the top of the journalistic heap.

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