Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Moron Mail

Hey look: the moonbats are moving the "moral authority" bar yet again:

A high cost for lies

I am happy that Bob Stephenson made it home from Iraq. It would appear, so far, that all Marine lieutenant colonels have made it back. I wish that record was shared with lance corporals, for instance. The lies that put us in Iraq are obvious. The detour from Afghanistan will allow Al-Qaida to grow and remain a menace.


First, I need to do the obligatory...

GEN. JC MOONBAT INTERRUPTS: Hold on a second there, wingnut! I've already warned you that you have no moral authority to support the Iraq war -



...reprinting of the definiton of the word "lie" as some people still apparently haven't absorbed it (probably because of the lobotomy):

lie - an assertion of something known or believed by the speaker to be untrue with intent to deceive (from here)

And now, I will try to avoid fisking this drool-soaked dysentarious splotch down to the molecular level. I only have so much time, you know.

First, I was under the impression that you had the moral authority to support the Iraq war if you were a veteran.

Then at some point the rule changed - you had to be a veteran of the Iraq war in order to opine in support of the endeavor.

Then, as we learned from NonMonkey last week (keep that link handy, I'll be returning to it), if you were an Iraq vet, and you support the war publicly, you are being used by propagandists - and hence have neither the cred or the moral authority to speak your piece. (And God help you if you are a step-parent.)

And now Myron here informs us that even if you are an Iraq vet and you keep it to yourself, your opinion only counts if you rank below lieutenant colonel.

It's a good thing I went to law school so I can understand all these fluidly developing rules. I predict by the end of the year, these brainless shitholes will have amended the moral authority rules to the point that the only people that will be entitled to hold a positive opinion on the war effort are deaf-mute corporals from Bangor, Maine with less than 7 fingers.

Well, that's what you get when you have a whole bunch of people who don't have enough synapses firing correctly to formulate a coherent thought - you try to winnow away the ranks of those who oppose you with banal irrelevancies.

One more thing. The letter immediately preceding Myron's again flogs the "ad was intended to decieve" meme. Yawn. But then he exhibits a stunning lack of reading comprehension (emphasis mine):

In response to Bob Stephenson's Feb. 21 commentary criticizing Nick Coleman's columns on the Progress for America ads, while it is possible that many positive things in Iraq go unreported, I don't believe that Coleman was arguing to the contrary of this at all.

His point is simple -- that these ads are intended to deceive and to make us forget the real issues with this war.


Oh? Let's go to the tape:

Evidence of a menacing increase in insurgent attacks on American troops in Iraq was declassified and presented to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in Washington, D.C., last week. The news was grim: There were 2,500 insurgent attacks in December, and although there are peaks and valleys in the numbers, each peak is said to be higher than the peak before.

Yeah, Nick thinks things are going - how would he put it? - "peachy." More (emphasis mine):

A commercial featuring veterans of the war in Iraq began airing here, telling viewers that the war in Iraq is against the terrorists of 9/11 and that it is going swimmingly.

These are dubious assertions, given that the war was billed as a war against Saddam Hussein and that it had cost the lives of 2,267 Americans as of Friday (almost 1,800 since the president said the mission was accomplished).

Ya' see, if you want to write a column convincing people that these ads' assertions that the war is going "swimingly" are deceptive, then you necessarily have to ARGUE THAT THE WAR IS A MISERABLE QUAGMIRE!!!! You imbicile.

Or if I were a liberal, I'd just scream at Peter: "LIAR!!!!!!!!!"

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