Friday, February 24, 2006

Moron mail

Look at this one from today’s Star & Sickle.

Those calling for removal of the advertisement are only asking that the advertisement not be aired, not that anyone in Minnesota Families United be silenced, as Kersten pretends.

These are the wonderfully contradictory words of Jonathan O. Scott of Minneapolis.

Mr. Tolerance and Diversity doesn’t want to silence Minnesota Families United , he just doesn’t want them to have access to the marketplace of ideas. And this fraud claims Kersten is pretending.

Johnny and his comrades in the Leftwing Freak Machine have spent the better part of four years claiming that the Right is trying to silence critics of the war.

Johnny and his comrades in the Leftwing Fraud Machine are trying to fool Americans into thinking that criticizing the critics is akin to calling for the removal of opposition ads from television.

See Johnny write. See Johnny make an ass of himself in the largest daily newspaper in Minnesota.

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