Monday, February 27, 2006

Moron Mail

I swear to God that the DFL or some other similar moonbat activist group has a secret sweatshop full of mouth-frothing semi-literate perpetually outraged self-important shitknockers constantly on call and ready dash off a flood alternate reality-filled letters on a moment's notice.

We need to find this building, bar the doors from the outside, and burn it down.

Ha ha! Just kidding! KAR in no way advocates violent recriminations against the semiretarded. We're merely speaking metaphorically: "bar the door from the outside" means "everybody ought to stop pooing out their repetitive two-year-old talking points about Iraq"; and "burn down [the building]" means "permanently."

I mean its so tired and predictable:

MOONBAT: This misguided war is based on LIES for OIL and is only meant to PROFIT BUSHIE McHALLIBURTON's cronies; and there were no WMDs and blah blah blah blah -

NONMOONBAT: First of all -


It's a worthless venture. You can't "talk" to people who get their news from the Daily Kos and apparently hallucinate when listening to or reading views with which they disagree:

Katherine Kersten is quick to call the DFL hypocrites, but she fails to actually mention any of the reasons the DFL opposes these ads. She won't even mention who the ads are by. She'd prefer that you think they're just the product of a grass-roots organization looking to express its opinion of the war.

That's because the article focused on the DFL's demand to have the ads pulled rather than engaging the assertions therein on the merits. Not that you can read or anything...

Problem is, they're actually funded by a national partisan group with close ties to the Bush administration and the national GOP.

But if the facts are true, so what? I recall MoveOn running ads to oppose the confirmation of Alito and Roberts that had real actually provable lies in them. Were you outraged by those?

Of course not: you're a left wing shithead who will swallow anything so long as it's doled out to you from the correct source.

And these ads are part of a designed national Republican strategy to keep equating Iraq with 9/11. And that's a blatant, bald-faced lie.

A) The ads don't equate Iraq with 9/11;

2) The meme that Republicans do "insinuate that Iraq was connected with 9/11" is something you moonbats (er, propagandists?) made up so you can use that "argument"; nobody in any official organ of the administration has said that Iraq was connected to 9/11. What they have said is that after 9/11, we need to look in a new way at a murderous despot who has a serious animus toward this country, a limitless supply of oil to fund his whims, a history of not cooperating with weapons inspections and....uh, oh yeah - a history of monetarily rewarding acts of brutal terrorism.

d) You are an assgobblin.

Kersten talks about free speech in order to hide the fact that the side she supports is lying.

Moonbat diagnose thyself.


F*ck you.

There were 3 other letters similar to this one that I was going to slam. But, alas, I'm out of time. And in any event, we'll see the same tired lies again soon. I can take care of them then. Probably tomorrow.

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