Thursday, February 02, 2006

On the verge of insanity

Don’t ya just love the Letter of the Day in the Star & Sickle? Every day they put a spotlight on a Lefty whose caboose has gone around the bend.

I can’t thank them enough for illustrating just how vapid their thinking is.

Take this mindless rant for example:

A chill that will last longer than six weeks

Feb. 2. The day that crowds gather to watch the critter crawl out of the burrow, thereby predicting the future.

No, not the groundhog. I'm talking about the winner of this year's "Come out, come out, wherever you are" Award.

For a while, it looked as if Osama bin Laden was going to snag his fifth consecutive prize. But this year, he has been overtaken by a new champion -- the American Voter.
Staggering into the light of day, the American Voter stares in horrified fascination at the country. It has morphed into a place where illegal search and seizure is defended. Where torture is condoned. Where young people are shipped overseas to die. Where the earth is melting, plague threatens and hardly anyone seems to care very much about either. Where corruption runs rampant in government and business. Where checks and balances have been shelved and where the Constitution has become optional.

The American Voter sees all the dark shadows. So what'll it be: the cave or the voting booth? It's time to decide.


Barbara J. Miller of Eagan is woman in serious need of medication.

Seriously, I’m concerned about her and her ability to function in the world on a daily basis.

With the impending destruction of the Untied States, the last best hope for freedom on earth, how can she find life worth living? With her attitude I wonder if she has the strength to put on her tinfoil hat. I’m sure it’s a lovely and fashionable hat that does a terrific job of keeping the NSA from monitoring her thoughts.

It’s too bad, really, because her thoughts would make a great comedy album or perhaps a tutorial for how to identify a…FREAKING WACKO!

For the love of Pete, woman, pull your head out of rectum and pop a Prozac. The Constitution is alive and well – not, however, living and breathing as you Lefties like to think of it – and will continue to be so as long as W. gets his judges confirmed.

As for torture: Shut up you sanctimonious bitch. What would you do to pull information from an Islamofascist dirt bag who wants your family dead, nothing? Don’t answer that.

The American voter has spoken many times over the years and has decided they prefer life and liberty to the Leftist alternative which leads to towel-headed maniacs strapped with bombs and tax rates that force kids into daycare so mom and dad can bring home enough money to provide food, clothing and shelter.

Give it up Barbara. The fight is over and the Left has lost. So crawl back into your hole put on your tinfoil hat and live out your sad and pathetic life in blissful solitude.

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