Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sciocchezza Non Conosce Frontiere *

* "Stupidity knows no borders"

Moonbats, Italian style:

Hundreds of street protesters, denouncing the Winter Games, forced Olympic torch bearers to change route through the host city on Thursday on the eve of the opening ceremony.

Games organizers diverted the flame from the protest site after the demonstrators gathered on the planned route and police warned of possible harm to torch bearers or spectators.

"We've succeeded today in making our voices heard," a protest organizer called Marco shouted through a loud speaker. "They've diverted the flame."

They're protesting the Olympics.


I wonder if they were flown in from McCallister College?

And quite a "victory," that - diverting the flame! Look at me! Look at meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

I once was proficient in the Italian languge. My knowledege of it has decayed over the years from disuse. However, I did manage to remember most of the important part of the vernacular: the cursing. Hence, I can deliver a personal message to Italian moonbats who desire nothing more than a little attention in their own (albeit mangled by me) language. To those who are fluent in the language, I apologize in advance for doing to this beautiful language what Andy does to English every day.

Translation follows. Scroll down - it's not for kids:

Tutti datemi un mal di testa! Avete bisogno ottenere una vita. Voi tutti siete un gruppo dei cazzi ignorante. Per favore, ritornate al muchio della merda elefantino da dove venivate, dove potete continuare eseguente atti innaturale con l'altro e con li asini. Dateme un bocchino, cagne! Va fanculo. Grazie.


You people give me a headache. You all need to get a life. You're a group of ignorant dicks. Please return to the pile of elephant shit from whence you came, where you can go back to performing unnatural acts on each other and on donkeys. Blow me, bitches! Go have sex with yourselves in your own anuses. Thank you.

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