Friday, February 10, 2006

A story the Star & Sickle is too chicken-shit publish

Minneapolis, February 10, 2006

The streets of Minneapolis were full today as local Muslims throwing rocks and burning buildings because of the printing of a so-called offensive cartoon of the prophet Mohammed in a Danish newspaper. The cartoon, first printed last fall, is causing a whole lot of trouble because it depicts the Prophet Mohammed wearing a bomb for a turban.

Ironic though it is, the Islamic thugs are committing violent acts to protest the portrayal of their religion as being violent. A portrayal they say is not true.

While this paper has chosen to not print the cartoons, it did not spare the Star & Sickle headquarters from being targeted by the so-called radical followers of Islam. Apparently mainstream Muslims, if they exist at all, are not willing to denounce the actions of the hordes of murdering followers of Allah.

On Star & Sickle employee was hear to say, “I think these wackos are torching cities because they have been intellectually stunted from centuries of pressing their faces to the ground in prayer, thereby denying their brains of much-needed oxygen.”

She continued, “I mean, c’mon, how else can you explain a society that approves of raping women, and executing women who leave the house with their toes showing or who walk down the street with an unrelated man. Is this crap normal?”

Another employee, trying to cut his way through the rock-throwing, Molotov-cocktail wielding pigs simply said, “These people are fucking bent.”

Exacerbating the problem was the party taking place on the plaza outside the Metrodome. It seems the intolerant Islamofascists slimeballs took exception to the menu of roasted pig and hotdogs and bratwurst made from pork.

One of the more rational protesters – perhaps the only one – remarked, “I’m amazed that these Christians dare to serve dirty food knowing full well there may be a Muslim in the area. How uncaring they are. I wonder, would they do the same if they knew we were, oh I don’t’ know, Jewish bastards?”

In the end, the protest simply served to illustrate the fact that Muslim society hasn’t progressed in hundreds of years and they need to get into the modern world and stop trying to bend everyone else to live by their archaic, antiquated, misogynistic way of life.

They really are backwardass Mo-Fos.

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