Friday, March 24, 2006

Again With the Anonoblogging Issue

One of the more self-evident Truths of Life is that the world has no shortage of overzealous and underbrained drooling shitbags with too much time on their hands who tend to internalize everything. When something provokes them, they feel that they must ACT; they much LASH OUT and whatever offense pricks their eggshell psyche of the day. Their reaction often (intentionally) manifests itself in rather threatening ways.

Exhibit A (this week).

Friend of KAR (contrary to what some loser inane Norwegians may "think") and LearnedFoot evil twin Mr. Sponge now finds himself at the business end of threats by one of these shitbags.

This serves as a good example of why anonymous blogging is less insidious than some would have you believe. Contrary to the popular view that all bloggers should take "responsibility" for what they write; and that such responsibility is taken by providing one's real name; there are those of us who write under pseudonym not to avoid "responsibility" (yes, I sure do use the word "poop" a lot - wanna make something of it?), but rather to insulate our families from the same drooling imbeciles that Mr. Sponge just encountered.

And there's the scary part: Mr. Sponge does write under a pseudonym (KARNation observes sarcastically "Nooooooo? You Mean his real name isn't 'Clever Sponge'????") (LearnedFoot responds "Ah shaddup!"), and there still was some shitknuckle out there pathological enough to take the time to piece together some clues, and find out Sponge's real name and those of his family members. Or it was a friend playing a prank. Though given the tone of Sponge's post, I doubt it.

Imagine how much easier it would have been if "Clever Sponge" was listed in the phonebook.

I've written about this before. Nothing has changed. And this latest episode just solidifies my position.

On a personal note, we here at the Most Sopranos-like blog on the internet (ifyaknowwhaddimean) would like to extend our support and offer our "services" to Mr. Sponge, should he see the need for them.

On the down low, of course.

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