Friday, March 10, 2006

Another mindless letter

Here’s another letter so devoid of any rational thought the writer, Robert J. Gibson of Fergus Falls, Minnesota, deserves some kind of award for having the balls to submit it for public display.

I don’t care to link to this, so here it is in its entirety:

Call it soda 'health fee'

Long before we start taxing medical and dental surgical procedures as Phyllis Kahn would like to do, we should be taxing soda pop beyond the present sales tax. Soda pop causes diabetes, obesity and dental decay, which cost the Minnesota taxpayers big bucks when people on MinnesotaCare or Medical Assistance get medical and/or dental treatment.


Hey, Robert, you are an incredibly stupid man. And I can prove my assertion.

You write, in part, “Soda pop causes diabetes, obesity and dental decay…”

Congratulations on reaching a level of stupidity no human has ever achieved.

Soda pop does not cause any one of those problems. What causes obesity and diabetes, Robert, is sitting on your fat ass while pounding the soda and eating crackers with Cheese Whiz.

As for tooth decay, try brushing your teeth once in a while, with toothpaste that is.

I’ve had it with these ninnies. Taxes, taxes and more taxes. If there’s a problem, Robert and his nanny-state friends think sucking more money from your pocket is the idea.

The simplistic way Robert approaches the world is very, very frightening.

Here’s my answer, no more Minnesota Care for idiots who won’t take care of themselves.

If you’re a lard-ass and you want medication for high blood pressure, screw you. If spend your days drinking soda or alcohol and eating potato chips, you are out of luck.

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