Thursday, March 30, 2006

Arrogant Asses

Congratulations to Dave Thune and Bob Moffitt. Together they will go down as two of the most arrogant asses to ever appear on the political scene.

I’ve decided I hate anyone who steps on the freedom of others for selfish reasons. And these do-gooders fit that description to a tee.

Screw the secondhand smoke argument. These two, and many others I’ve heard, want to force you to live your life by their standards and they have no problem using the force of government to get their way.

Why did Dave Thune want a smoking ban:

One, he's a musician. After his band played at a nonsmoking wedding, Thune didn't feel the usual effects of a "rock 'n' roll hangover" from exposure to too much smoke.

Two, he's a son. On many mornings, Thune rises to make breakfast for his father, now suffering through the debilitating effects of emphysema caused by smoking.

Purely selfish reasons. Nothing here about saving non-smokers from the evil ones who light up in their presence.

"All those things kind of happening at once made me realize, why are we doing this? Why are we allowing this anymore?" Thune said.

This is the killer line and no one is beating this guy’s ass over it. Thune’s use of the word “allow” makes me want to vomit on the prick’s shoes. What else will asshole number one decide should no longer be allowed? Next will be smoking on patios, then in cars and, not long after that, in homes.

On the other hand we have asshole number 2, Bob Moffitt of the American Lung Association, Thune’s latest employer, who can’t genuflect fast enough:

"He was the first one to step up. And he took a real political risk in stepping forward."

Bullshit, there was no risk. Smokers are the most hated group in this country. Crack addicts get sympathy while smokers are scorned. Funny thing is crack heads are willing to steal and kill to satisfy their habit.

Rob Moffitt, spokesman for the American Lung Association of Minnesota, said it [Thune’s support of a smoking ban] makes Thune a more effective campaigner against secondhand smoke. The group recently paid for Thune to speak with Milwaukee officials about a possible smoking ban and could send him to Kansas City to aid the cause there.

Nice part-time gig. I wonder: How much Bob is paying Dave to push the anti-freedom campaign and has/will Thune disclose the number?

This whole thing stinks as bad as Skip Humphrey going to work for one of the agencies that was getting tons of cash from the gang-rape he and Mike Cerisi committed against the tobacco companies.

Ya gotta love the Left: Use government to force your vision of the world on others and to hell with who gets hurt in the process.

They want to save us from ourselves, but who will save us from them?

I hate Lefties.

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Kerry said...

My wife even thought part of Peer Thune's motivation was to help in his own efforts to quit smoking. Who knows. It's all reprehensible.