Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Be Careful! That Term Is Loaded!

I'd like to revisit Dementee's earlier Moron Mail (BTW, Dementee would it be too much to ask for you to a) provide a link; and b) spoof the moron's name? I've found that these narcissistic a-holes loooooove to google themselves. I have little time to deal with them properly while also providing quality content for this blog. Please try harder in the future m-kay? Please don't hurt me.)

Sorry about that.

Anyway, one of my big pet peeves is the use - or rather misuse - of loaded terms. That is, buzzwords offered completely seriously at face value and intended to provoke a negative response in the reader. What really fries my cheese curds is when some retarded sanctimonious dimwit throws out a loaded term seemingly blissfully unaware as to what the word even means.

I'm talking about this bit here (emphasis mine):

For a fellow clergyman to record a colleague's remarks in such a setting without his knowledge or permission, and then make them public through an organization known to oppose the colleague's position on a political issue is just plain unprofessional, if not entrapment.

Here's the definition of entrapment from Black's Law Dictionary (I suppose I could do detailed research about all the nuances and issues relevant to entrapment, including citing treatises and Supreme Court opinions, but I bill at $300 per hour. I'm sure most of you can't afford that. In any event, the BLD definition of "entrapment" is more than adequate to blow this loser out of the water):

entrapment, n. A law enforcement officer's or government agent's inducement of a person to commit a crime, by means of fraud or undue persuasion, in an attempt to later bring criminal prosecution against that person.

Therefore, entrapment (which is a legal defense) is comprised of 4 elements, all of which must apply:

1) An agent of the government;

2) Fraudulently induces or unduly persuades another person

3) To commit a crime

4) For purposes of later prosecuting the person with the crime.

Now let's see if what the letter drooler proposes might be entrapment really is that:

1) A pastor, not a government agent...

2) Turned on a tape recorder. Nothing more.

3) Lying about something in this context is not a crime.


So out of the 4 elements of entrapment we have 0 fulfilled here.

There are 3 elements to being a moron:

1) Not knowing what the fuck you are talking about;

2) Fudging facts; and

3) Using bombastic language to cover up your ignorance and fudged facts.

OK, I made those up.

Anyhoo, I'm tired of BIGOTED people like Robert from Apple Valley RAPING the English language, and pummeling us over our heads us with their NAZI PROPAGANDA!

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