Monday, March 27, 2006

Don't You Dare Question Their Patriotism Skillz

As I've stated before: there's nothing better than the NCAA men's basketball tournament. It's a solid month's-worth of roller coaster action from the euphoric highs (the Cinderellas; the buzzer beaters) to the depressing, heart-rending lows (Billy Packer). If you possessed enough taste in sport to tune in yesterday, you saw one of the greatest games in recent memory when an undersized and out-manned in just about every way George Mason U knocked off the there-to-fore favorite to win the championship, UConn.

The game had everything: the chess matches within chess matches as each coach alternately tried to solve the other's latest wrinkle while coming up with a new one himself; the gutsiness and mental toughness of a squad that wasn't supposed to be there sticking it to their betters by playing a nearly perfect game (missed free throws notwithstanding); the victorious Patriots' unmitigated joy. I felt it too even though I had never even heard of this school as recently at a month ago.

And mad props to whoever it was at CBS who periodically at certain breaks in the action towar the end of the game, played the little snippets of Lamar Butler singing (or, rather, attempting to sing) "Dream On" during the pregame warmups. Nice touch.

While just about everyone's bracket lies in smoldering ruins this morning (speaking of which: Flash, Sponge - it's official. You each owe me a beer), anybody who witnessed that game probably has a spring in their step today. Many probably don't even realize why.

Oh, and I guess there was a hockey game this weekend. Or something.

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