Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Gasp, wheeze, and choke.

Out of Air America is clinging to life and, if there is any mercy, the plug will be pulled as soon as possible.

What the Left does not understand is hate and anger alone cannot carry a program; a host should be entertaining and have an idea or two. When your marquee host has the appeal of genital warts, you got trouble.

The bottom line: Al Franken sucks. Al Franken is not funny; he’s a bitter, hateful, bile-filled SOB who’s shtick is limited to calling conservatives liars. If he had a conscience he would give back the money he’s stolen because of failure to perform.

When the obituary is written on this failed experiment, I’m certain we will hear the howls of pain as Leftists across the land proclaim that, yet again, they have been denied a forum for getting their message out, ignoring the possibility that their message is the problem.

It is another example of the Leftist belief that we, the great unwashed, are too stupid to understand the complexities of their ideology.

A lot of people died in April of 1912 because they believed the Titanic was unsinkable – even as the water lapped at their ankles.

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