Friday, March 24, 2006

Good Satire Wields Not a Club, But a Mirror

It has been well documented that those who think that same-sex marriage is a civil right like to paint their opposition with a broad brush. Anyone who thinks that gay marriage is an oxymoron is ipso facto a bigot. They reach that conclusion because a group of knuckle dragging lobotomites from Kansas carry around signs that read "God Hates F@gs," or, in the case of certain brain-cell deprived privileged-childhood "journalists," one single guy holding a sign at a demonstration that says "Homo go home".

It's a losing strategy, of course. Just imagine if a DOMA supporter wrote a letter to the editor and employed this same tactic by characterizing an entire group of people by extrapolating from one of their smallest, basest, vilest most discrete constituents:


What's the point?

So, the child molester lobby thinks that there is some civil right for child molesters to marry each other. Can anybody tell me what good could be brought about by allowing child molesters to marry each other?

I mean, if child molesters want to enter a committed relationship with each other, nothing is stopping them now. The commitment that one person makes to another - including child molesters - is in no way enhanced by a marriage license.

This is just another ploy for the pro-child molester lobby to advance their far left wing child molesting agenda.


Now before you moonbats start threatening my children, ponder this:

Is it less unfair to characterize everybody who supports keeping our marriage laws the same as they currently are as hate-filled bigots because of a couple looney toon Bible thumpers than it is to characterize gay people and gay-marriage proponents as child molesters and child molester supporters because of NAMBLA and a bunch of pedophile priests? Is either epithet borne of a lesser ignorance?

On second thought, don't bother. That sentence was probably too complex for you to handle anyway. And I don't want you to spend too much time figuring how to work a dictionary so you can look up "epithet."

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