Friday, March 24, 2006

Hoops Cred

I resolved that I wouldn't talk smack about my tournament brackets this year. Because of my ongoing attempts to keep The Boy from immolating his sister, I found little time to actually watch much college ball this year. When you're filling out the brackets, it helps to actually have seen some of the teams in it play at some point during the season. Although, of the teams I had seen play, I was pretty spot in. To wit: remember this observation:

Iowa a 3-seed? Syracuse goes from out of the tournament to a 5-seed?

They were indeed overseeded. Not only did the Hawkeyes and the Orangemen fail to make the "Sweet Sixteen" the "Elite Eight" or the "Final Four"; both teams didn't even make it to the "Thrifty Thirty-Two".

So I was left to educated guessing: picking mainly based on seeds, conference strength, coaching and proximity to the home court. In a large, or "real" tournament pool, I wouldn't even be an also ran. I'd be an also also also also also also ran.

But fortunately for me, I was only up against my eternal rival Flash (Motto: "Ill Take Kansas to Go to the Final Four even if They're in the NIT!") and Clever "Hey! One of Our Final Eight Teams Is Still In It!" Sponge. Yes, not only was this the smallest tournament pool on record, but also the most politically balanced!

While none of our brackets were pretty, theirs were far far less pretty than mine:

[Here LearnedFoot tries to copy and paste the standings table into his post, and what results is a meaningless jumble of gobbledygook.]

Ok, let me just sum up: My current score is 45. The maximum score either of my opponents can garner for the rest of the tournament is 46. Meaning I need to just get one out of the four games tonight correct to clinch the pool.

We're still in the Sweet Sixteen. CRED!

A word of advice: Come tournament time, faith in the Big 10 is almost always misplaced. Following that simple rule would have saved Flash (Champion pick: Ohio State) and Sponge (Champion pick: Illinois) (Yes - Illinois) much embarrassment.

So once again Flash will soon find himself in the familiar situation of owing me a beer. As for Sponge, I'll see you at the MilF.

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