Friday, March 10, 2006

How to Be the Quintessential Smug Prick

First, take a tangential rhetorical device used by your opponent, overanalyze it down to the molecular level, all the while ignoring the bigger point.

Then, create a caricature of the people you are arguing with, and call them names.

Continue to ignore the larger point (which you are wrong about) while trying to bog the conversation down about a single instance of of a gramarical infelicity used by your opponent which, while officially improper, makes sense if you take into account idiomatic usage.

Declare that you have won the argument.

Declare that you're above all these drooling troglodytes, and that you are done arguing with them.

Continue arguing with them and calling them names.


Ad nauseum.

Meet Jeromy. The quintessential smug little prick.

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