Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I can't win, so I'll make shit up

That appears to be the position of Jeff from the misnamed Moderate Left blog. He rants endlessly about my post from yesterday defending the rights of pharmacists to refuse dispensing birth control on religious or moral grounds.

The idiot can’t address the core point so he babbles on about the mask slipping and showing the true desires of pro-lifers – preventing every and all abortions regardless of what the consequences might be, ignoring the fact that it takes two to conceive and giving the guy a pass:

Note the logic--"Your daughter is a slut" who wants to "give more than a hummer." Never is there any consideration that, say, a boy could be involved in conception, nor that your daughter could be a "rape victim" who had been "raped."

He's pulled back the mask, and let slip the real reason that the GOP wants to outlaw Plan B. It has nothing to do with abortion, and everything to do with those awful women who are out having dirty sex, and who must be made to pay.

Jeff must be a complete knob to not understand my point and he obviously doesn’t understand the fine art of embellishing to make a point. As I commented on his worthless site:

I don't give a damn if the person is your slutty daughter or church-going wife who's opened her legs only for you. My point is simply that a pharmacist should have the right to refuse dispensing birth control, just as doctors are not forced to perform abortions. This isn't about pro life or pro choice it's about an individual's right to perform their job without having to compromise their moral beliefs.

C’mon, Jeff, argue the point: whose rights should be trumped.

Don’t make shit up because you have no leg to stand on.

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