Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Imputation Game

Leftist spinner (hey, Nick - if the codpiece fits...) NonMonkey attempts to characterize the whole by one guy holding one offensive sign. Oh sure, on Planet Nick, the whole are just as bigoted as the one drooling idiot. But, according to our Least Favorite Anti-Simian they would prefer that their bigotry be kept under wraps. (Go read, but duct tape your head first.)

So since NonMonkey's observations of the Pro_marriage Amendment rally were so bigoted themselves, and since NonMonkey apparently didn't consider that the imputation door swings both ways (pun definitely not intended), I thought that it would be fun to explore what type of person he is by extrapolating from the characteristics of his fellow travelers. I searched the web far and wide for images of his brothers in arms, who - again using the "logic" prevalent on Planet Nick - in the aggregate and to a moonbat, share his passions and predjudices. Here is what I found out about the black black soul of NonMonkey:

NonMonkey thinks black people are apes.

NonMonkey is an acid freak.

NonMonkey is a communist. (Although we've always suspected that.)

NonMonkey is an exhibitionist.

NonMonkey is intolerant.

NonMonkey openly advocates the overthrow of our system of government.

NonMonkey doesn't like pants.

NonMonkey likes to dress up like Donald Rumsfeld in drag and spout off tinfoil hatted conspiracy theories. (We've all suspected that one too.)

NonMonkey supports the election of Nazis to public office.

NonMonkey likes to have sex with woody plants.

"The company you keep..." right?

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