Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Jeff swings and misses, again

He makes the same mistake all Lefties do when talking about rights: He thinks exercising them should be consequence free.

On the contrary, quite often one must deal with negative consequences when they stand up for their rights. But Jeff, like most good Leftists doesn’t understand the power held in check by The Constitution is that of the government.

You have every right to stand on the front step of your employer’s offices and tell the world that the company makes a lousy product. Government cant’ touch you, but the boss can certainly fire your ass – and should.

Now, on to his latest bucket of drool, a comment on this post:

I have no right to refuse to do my job. I work in shipping. If tomorrow we start shipping weaponry, I have a choice to quit my job or work. I can't say, "I'm a pacifist, I don't want to ship weapons."

You have every right to refuse, you idiot, and your boss has every right to fire your ass for refusing to do your job.

I'm contracted to do a job. I can do the job, or not. I don't have the right to do the parts of the job I like and refuse to do the parts of the job I don't like. You have no right to do your job without compromising your moral beliefs. Don't like it? Tough. Go found your own company.

Congratulations on brining forth another irrelevant argument. The pharmacist doesn’t work under a contract. If he/she does and refuses to dispense medication then they are in breach of that contract and should be treated accordingly.

God, I though[sic] conservatives were supposed to understand capitalism.

For the love of God, are you really this ignorant. Do you not understand the concept of a free market? How F&%$ing stupid are you, really?

The pharmacists in question are practicing in a free market economy (emphasis on the word free) by refusing to do something that goes against their beliefs. If their boss doesn’t like it, they’ll get fired.

If you don’t like it find another pharmacist.

What the hell is so difficult for you to understand here?

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